Do you ever dream of financial freedom but worry that you’ll never get there?

And can you imagine a scenario where taking out a loan actually earns you money back?

If that sounds unbelievable to you, it’s time to think again. Achieving financial independence is a goal we all want to achieve and at MyLoanPaysMe, we believe that this should be accessible to everybody. We believe in not only delivering you market-leading home loan rates but in giving you a guaranteed share of your loan’s upfront and trail commissions for the lifetime of your loan.

Why? We want you to make your loan start working harder for you so you can achieve financial freedom faster.

Who are MyLoanPaysMe?

MyLoanPaysMe are qualified, licensed and authorized Mortgage Brokers who will guide you through your loan application and present appropriate options from various banks or credit unions that best suit your needs and goals. And we want to share part of the commission payments that we receive for writing your loan, so we will pay you part of the upfront as well as the ongoing commission we receive from the bank or credit union your loan is with.

It’s our goal to see hardworking Australian Mums and Dads be rewarded for having their home loan brokered through us - and see them get ahead in life - by refunding part of our commission for the life of their loan; in effect making your loan actually pay you back.

Experience the MyLoanPaysMe difference and find out how much you could be better off. Use our online Cashback Calculator today to estimate how much your loan could pay you and start planning your financially independent future.

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