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Life is busy enough without having to visit multiple banks in person, not to mention how overwhelming all the options can be. At MyLoanPaysMe, we make finding the right home loan easier for you by comparing options from banks, credit unions and building societies on your behalf, saving you precious time. Our qualified and accredited home loan specialists guide you through your loan application and provide advice on which home finance option best suits your circumstances. And we split the commission we receive from your chosen lender with you, so you get money back in your pocket.

Start comparing loans by registering your information to access our online home loan comparison portal. Ask our home loan specialists questions as you go via our Chat Function.

Mortgage brokers receive commission from the bank when loans are settled and it’s not for just a one-off commission, it’s for the lifetime of the loan. At MyLoanPaysMe we refund part of our commission to you, for the term of your loan. Yes, it’s true - we pay you a percentage of our commission. Why should banks and brokers gain all the benefits for securing your loan? At MyLoanPaysMe You we believe it’s time Australians working hard to service their home loans are rewarded.

To see what your monthly Cash Back could be, use our Cash Back Calculator. MyLoanPaysMe monthly cash backs are calculated depending on your chosen lender, loan size and term as well as your offset account balance.

MyLoanPaysMe monthly Cash Backs are direct credited into your nominated bank account, simply provide us with your bank details during the application process.

Get a better home loan with accredited mortgage broker support and MyLoanPaysMe monthly payments in 5 easy steps.

1. Register your details, browse our home loan comparisons and chat through all your questions with us.

2. Once you’ve have found the loan that suits your needs, see what your monthly income may be from your new loan by using our Cash Back Calculator

3. Gather your financial information and upload it to the portal.

4. Our home loan specialists will apply for your loan directly and follow up with you all the way to settlement.

5. Relax knowing you’ve received a home loan that is suitable for you, settle into your new home and begin receiving your monthly cash back directly into your bank account via direct credit. Start planning what that extra monthly payment could go towards!

There is no catch and no hidden fees. We are remunerated by the bank when we settle a new home loan or refinance, and that commission is what we are sharing with you as part of your Cash Back. It is important to know however, that various fees do apply when obtaining home finance, but these are not charged by us directly.

No, comparing loans does not affect your credit score – you are well within your right to investigate the market and we are here to help you do so. When you apply for home finance, a credit report may be required by a financial institution as part of your application which will put an ‘inquiry’ on your credit report. How do we secure your personal data? We take your personal information seriously. Any personal data provided to us is collected, stored and managed as per our Privacy Policy.

No, you don’t need to book an appointment. Our home loan specialists are available to answer questions via email at support@myloanpaysme.com.au or simply start chatting via our Chat Function.
Simply email us at support@myloanpaysme.com.au with your mobile number and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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